Police and Army Raid Elderly Lady’s Home for One Pot Plant [VIDEO]

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The national media seems split on their treatment of America’s police. Outlets leaning left, politically, push the narrative that the racist police are abusing their powers. The right highlights the good deeds officers are performing.

Yet there are some things neither side can ignore. And this is one of those cases. Massachusetts State Police and the National Guard sent a helicopter and ground troops to seize one marijuana plant from an 81-year-old woman.


[Scroll Down for Video]

The facts of the case are just as absurd as the headline suggests. A helicopter, multiple vehicles, and troopers all descended on an octogenarian woman’s house. The raid, which  must have taken the woman by surprise, achieved its goal. The troops chopped down one cannabis plant and hauled it away.

And what of the pernicious pusher responsible for the presence of the pot plant? v, 81, had planted the single plant in her garden. She used the marijuana to treat her glaucoma and arthritis.


Holcomb was growing the plant illegally. She said she had not tried to get certified to use medical marijuana becasue the process of obtaining the card was too difficult, and buying pot for someone else was too costly.

Holcomb’s son reported that the police raid, in addition to being over-blown, was odd in another way. The police raided the property without a warrant. The authorities agreed they would not press charges against the woman so long as she didn’t demand that they produce a warrant.


Holcomb’s son says the raid constitutes “unlawful surveillance and illegal search and seizure.”

State police spokesman David Procopio said police seized 43 plants during the raid which included other properties.None of the property owners were charged.


Funding for the operation came from The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). They gave Massachusetts $60,000 to “halt the spread of cannabis cultivation in the United States.”