YouTuber Jumps from Building Using Homemade Parachute. It Never Opens. [VIDEO]

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The promise of viral fame and fortune has created a whole new kind of YouTube star: the daredevil. Some of these folks end up with staggering numbers when their stunts go wrong, like this one. The YouTuber’s video is trending, but not for the reasons he had intended. He meant to jump from a building and parachute safely to the ground. He did not.

Bogdan Firsov, 15, was planning to parachute from a 14 story building in Ukraine. His plan, though, was full of holes. To begin with, he was using a homemade parachute. While that isn’t a guarantee for failure, it isn’t recommended.

The second problem was that he was 140 feet up. That’s not far enough for many professionally packed chutes to deploy, and his did not. 140 feet is high enough to be fatal, and it was. Firsov hit the ground and died instantly.

There was a crowd of “adults” on the ground, cheering him on. One of those was reportedly the boy’s mother. Witnesses say she was encouraging him to make the jump.

“The clip shows him with his arms outstretched on top of the building,” The Daily Mail writes. “As he falls, a parachute is visible but it does not unfurl properly during the 140ft drop.”

“A crowd of people was there and nobody tried to stop him. They only filmed,” one bystander said. “People are not human any longer, they have lost all common sense.”

“It happened right in front of my eyes. The boy jumped down with a parachute. He flew down and hit the ground with his back. It was really tough.”

While it seems heartless to judge the mother, many are doing so. After, she was “so shocked by his death that she refused to leave the spot.”

Apparently she hadn’t conceived of death as a possible outcome.

“The lowest possible height for a jump with a parachute is 70 metres – a building of at least 25 storeys,” Fakti, a local paper wrote. “And even then it would have been a dangerous jump.”

It seems impossible to image anyone attempting a stunt like this without doing some very basic research first. It is possible that the boy thought he might survive, even if the chute failed to open. He was wearing a helmet, and the onlookers said there was “padding” at his intended landing spot, though what kind of padding was not specified.