YouTuber Dies Trying to Film Himself Doing Pull-Ups from Top of 62 Story Building [VIDEO]

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A YouTuber inadvertently captures the moment of his death while he was attempting to do pull-ups while hanging from the ledge of a 62-story skyscraper. While he was doing pull-ups, 26-year-old Wu Yongning lost his grip. He fell 45 feet before hitting a terrace, with the moment he fell being captured by a camera Wu had placed for the stunt.

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Wu, known as “China’s first rooftopper,” performed the stunt off the top of Huayuan International Center in Changsha, China, the capital of the Huan Province.

After reaching the roof, he appears to clean off the ledge, possibly to assist his grip.

Once he appears to be satisfied, Wu slowly lowers himself over the top of the building, though he only remains a moment and doesn’t initially hang from his hands.

Wu returns to the top of the building to wipe off the ledge and his hands some more, before starting the process of hanging from the ledge again.

Wu completes two pull-ups before he starts trying to climb back up to safety, but he appears to struggle, seemingly unable to get the necessary traction to help his ascent.

After struggling for a moment, his hands fail to maintain their grip, causing Wu to fall to his death.

While Wu actually died on November 8, it was only confirmed by his family a month later, after fans expressed concern over the lack of videos being posted.

As reported by The Daily Mail, Wu began his life as a video blogger after discovering that videos of himself climbing dangerous structures allowed him to earn more money than he was making as a background actor.

He completed one such stunt on October 3 when he performed a one-hand handstand from the top of Sun Moon Light Plaza in Chongqing, a 70-story building.