Youtuber Beats the Flat Earth $100,000 Challenge. Flat Earther Refuses to Pay

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A Youtuber who posts under the name “Flat Out Hero” issued a challenge on his channel. He offered up $100,000 to anyone who could fly from point A to point B to point C and return to point A using only 90-degree turns and keeping the distance between each point the same.

Flat Out Hero asserted that his challenge was impossible, as he believes that the Earth is flat.

“It’s impossible, but don’t tell the globetards that!” said Flat Out Hero in a comment. “This is the final nail in the ball Earth coffin, and I am happy to be the one to hammer it in!!!”

Flat Out Hero even called out “Wolfie6020,” an Australian Youtuber who often explains why the concept of a flat Earth isn’t feasible, by name.

If the Earth was indeed a flat plane, the shape of the flight path wouldn’t be doable. However, if you apply the conditions of the challenge to a sphere, it is possible.

Wolfie6020 decided to take on the challenge, creating a flight plan and sharing it in a video. The flight path starts at the Galapagos, heads to the Gulf of Guinea in Africa, makes its way to the North Pole, then returns to the Galapagos.

Each leg of the journey outlined by Wolfie6020 is approximately 10,000 km (6,215 miles) long, or a distance that is around “one-quarter of the length of the equator,” according to a report by IFL Science.

Wolfie6020 replays a portion of Flat Out Hero’s challenge video to start his, outlines the conditions as they were stated, shares his plan, and closes by saying, “Mr. Flat Out Hero, your challenge has been answered.”

“The requirements, as you stated them, have been satisfied!” he continues.

“It is now your turn to honor your challenge and pay me the $100,000. I plan to give half of that to the Westmead Children’s Hospital and use the other half as prize money in future contests on this channel. So let’s see if you’re a man of your word and will honor your challenge!”

Flat Out Hero replied to the video, complaining that Wolfie6020 used a digital chart instead of a paper flight chart. Wolfie6020 responds by showing how the results would be the same regardless.

After accepting the path, Flat Out Hero then asserts that the route isn’t flyable as a means of discrediting Wolfie6020’s success.

Commenters are now accusing the flat-Earther of not having the money to support the challenge he issued and that he was changing the requirements to get out of the obligation.