YouTube Star Suspended for Feeding Kids Ice-Cream Laced with Laxatives

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Some people will do almost anything for a bit of fame. Is it any coincidence that they congregate on YouTube? One of these has recently had his channel suspended after he filmed his kids eating ice-cream he had laced with laxatives. The video showed the kids writhing in pain, and the man posted it anyhow.

“Cordero James Brady, 29, from Nevada, runs the YouTube channel CJ SO COOL, which has over 5.6million followers,” The Daily Mail writes. “The channel is monetized – which means he sells his channel to advertisers, with the more people watching the ads, the more money they stand to make.”

The laxative ice-cream was meant to be a practical joke. Brady filmed himself lacing his kids’ ice-cream with Pedia-Lax. The kids ate it. 90 minutes later, the kids were “screaming and crying in pain.”

“My stomach hurts,” screams one kid.

“Oh my goodness, this boy’s stomach is broken!” Brady says.

The kids, obviously unaware of what’s happening, are very upset. Brady keeps filming, though, even as the kids are on the toilet.

“There was a case that was investigated in 2016 involving laxatives and this individual,” The Henderson Police told Daily Mail. “It was a joint investigation with Clark County Child Protective Services. It was submitted to the DAs office and it was recommended as a criminal case.”

This suggests that the video may be two years old. YouTube, though, has just removed the video as of last week.

Dr Kortney Peagram, founder of Bulldog Solution, an anti-child abuse organization, told reporters that this video is child abuse. “Harming your child on purpose with laxatives is child abuse. That’s child endangerment.”

Brady is “harming his children and bullying them to pull pranks on each other, it is really disturbing.”

“He’s modelling inappropriate behavior and encouraging it by laughter … He’s teaching his children that it’s okay to harm each other for a good laugh.”

This isn’t the first time Brady has shown an appalling lack of judgement. Another video recently removed showed him lighting fireworks and tossing them into his kids’ room while they slept. In another, he told his wife, Royalty, that their child had drowned. He calls that one “The Drowning Baby Prank.”

He also filmed Royalty after she reportedly miscarried.