YouTube Star Executed by Death Squad After Taunting Drug Cartel Leaders in Video

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Insulting a leader in one of the most brutal drug cartels is probably not a good idea. YouTuber Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales insulted Mexican drug cartel leader Nemesio Ocegera Cervantes after he posted a video saying he “can suck my d**k.” The 17-year-old was shot and killed in an execution-style hit days after he posted the inflammatory video.

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Cervantes, who goes by the alias “El Mencho,” is the ringleader of the New Generation Cartel of Jalisco, according to the Daily Mail. The 51-year-old is one of the most wanted men in Mexico with a $5 million bounty.

The video quickly went viral, and as you might imagine, it ended badly for Rosales. According to a report obtained by the Washington Post, Rosales was in a bar in Jalisco with one of his friends when a group of armed individuals stormed the bar and shot the Youtuber 15 to 18 times. A bar employee was also killed by the barrage of bullets.

Rosales was born in the same town as “El Chapo,” the Mexican state of Sinaloa. “El Chapo” was a notorious drug cartel leader prior to his arrest.

Rosales left his hometown at the age of 15 and moved to Culiacán where he washed cars for a living. Wanting more, Rosales started doing Youtube videos where he would make fun of his weight and drink in excess.

His success came quickly, especially after he donned the nickname “El Pirata de Culiacán,” or “The Pirate of Culiacán.” Within a year of filming for Youtube as his full-time job, Rosales had racked up over one million Facebook followers and an impressive 300,000 followers on Instagram.

Many of his followers would point out his baby face features which he tried to mask by drawing on a beard and getting a tattoo on his forearm. His tattoo was the main factor in identifying the body after he was riddled with bullets.

When asked how he was able to drink so much and still function, Rosales said in a recent interview before his death: “I just laugh, I say ‘I don’t know how I do it.’” He ended the interview acknowledging that his drinking and his mouth sometimes got him in trouble. “They’re right. . . . Sometimes I go too far,” he said.