YouTube Opens Investigation Into Conservative Steven Crowder [VIDEO]

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YouTube has announced that it has opened an investigation into Steven Crowder, a right-winged political commentator after Vox host Carlos Maza claimed in a lengthy series of tweets that Crowder was making derogatory comments about his ethnicity and sexual orientation amongst others. In response, the streaming platform responded in a tweet that they were “looking into it further.”

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The issue was brought to YouTube’s attention after Maza, who hosts a show that focuses on politics, media, and technology, shot off a series of tweets that detailed Crowder alleged verbal abuse towards Maza.

The Vox employee started by explaining that Crowder tries to “debunk” everything Maza’s show does in an effort to discredit him. While he doesn’t mind his attempts to debunk his ideas, he does object to the derogatory comments.

Maza states that millions of people view these comments. Crowder is being accused of calling Maza various derogatory terms such as “anchor baby, a lispy queer, [and] a Mexican.”

Towards the end of his string of tweets, Maza claimed that he wakes up every morning to a string of hateful comments posted by Crowder’s viewers. Maza tweeted, in part: “But by refusing to enforce its anti-harassment policy, YouTube is helping incredibly powerful cyberbullies organize and target people they disagree with.”

Since the public allegations, Crowder issued a response of his own on Friday stating that Vox and Maza were only complaining because they “can’t compete” with his channel, according to The Hill.

“I’m really hoping that YouTube doesn’t capitulate to a multihundred-million-dollar corporation with a long history of advocating corporate censorship,” he said. “I’m hoping YouTube doesn’t cave simply because of political and huge financial pressure.”

“This is not really an example of hate speech or even just offensive speech versus a self-proclaimed queer creator,” he added. “This is an example of a giant, multinational media conglomeration … attempting to squash a competitor.”

As for the anti-gay comments, Crowder chalked that up to “friendly ribbing.” It’s unclear how long YouTube will take with their investigation.

Crowder’s full video response is below.