“You’re Very Welcome”. Soldier’s Note on Tip Has Veterans Trying to Track Him Down.

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A picture of a receipt from a military servicemember is going viral because of the soldier’s reasoning for not tipping.

First posted to the Facebook page of Ranger Up, a well-known military themed apparel company, under the caption “Don’t be that guy”, the photo shows a restaurant receipt with a big fat 0 in the tip line.

Rather than leave it at that, the service member felt the need to write out a reasoning for not leaving a tip:

“My tip is the freedoms I provided you while serving my country. You’re welcome for my service.”


Veterans on the Ranger Up Facebook page were very vocal in their disapproval of the veteran, with some wanting to find out who it is to deal out a quick “attitude adjustment”.

“That was conceited to me… he saved the world all on his own!” another noted. “He makes real soldiers look bad with that crappy comment. I have bought soldiers meals and still got a tip!”