Young Wife Tries to Poison Her Husband. Ends Up Killing 17 Other People on Accident

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A newlywed bride was arrested on murder charges after an attempt to poison her husband went awry and she ended up killing 17 other people. The woman, who also had a boyfriend that supplied her with the poison, claimed she was married against her will and that her parents “rejected her pleas” to not be married to the man.

As reported by ABC Local 10, the incident took place in a remote village in Pakistan. The bride, 21-year-old Aasia Bibi, has been accused of poisoning her new husband’s milk. But, when he refused to drink it, the beverage was used to create a traditional yogurt-based drink that ended up being served to 27 guests, all members of the couples extended family.

Those who consumed the beverage quickly lost consciousness and were sent to an area hospital. Seventeen of the poisoning victims died after consuming the drink.

Sohail Habib Tajak, the district police chief, stated the Bibi was questioned for two weeks regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident, as local authorities were trying to determine whether the idea to poison her husband was Bibi’s or if her boyfriend pressured her.

“Our officers have made progress by arresting a woman and her lover in connection with this murder case, which was complicated and challenging for us,” said Tajak.

On Tuesday, Bibi and her boyfriend, Shahid Lashari, appeared before a judge regarding the incident, which took place in September.

Speaking with reporters, Bibi said, “I repeatedly asked my parents not to marry me against my will as my religion, Islam, also allows me to choose the man of my choice for marriage, but my parents rejected all of my pleas, and they married me to a relative.”

Bibi stated that her relationship with her boyfriend continued after her marriage and that she had warned her parents that she would be willing to go to any length to escape the marriage. She claims her parents denied her a divorce.

Bibi said she regretted the deaths that occurred as her only target was her husband. Lashari reportedly confessed to providing the poisonous substance.