Young Man is Hero After Video Shows Him Pushing Girlfriend to the Ground and Shielding Her with His Body in Dayton

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Camryn Crowder, 24, was walking through Dayton’s nightlife district with his girlfriend, Brittany Dungey, at approximately 1:00am on Sunday when the mass shooting began. A surveillance camera recorded the moment Crowder and Dungey heard the shots ring out, causing Crowder to push his girlfriend to the ground and place his body over hers, shielding her from the gunfire.

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Crowder is being hailed as a hero after video footage emerged showing him using his own body to shield his girlfriend during the horrific mass shooting in Dayton this past weekend.

In the surveillance footage, Crowder can be seen pushing Dungey onto the sidewalk. He then jumps on top of her immediately and pulls her under him, using his body as a shield as bullets flew around them.

“I turn my head, and I see some guy pointing a gun,” said Crowder, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

He added that he instinctively used himself as a human shield “just to make sure she didn’t get hit.”

“I was pretty much prepared for it,” he continued. “I was just praying like you know, whatever happens, happens at this point.”

The pair remained fairly still on the ground together for a few moments. Then, Crowder crawled toward a curb, carrying his girlfriend with him as he tried to get them away from a bar window and the onslaught of gunfire.

In the video, he can be seen speaking with Dungey. Crowder also whips his head to the left and right, looking for any signs of danger.

After a few more moments, the couple decides that it is safe enough to stand up. Then, they quickly flee from the area.

The shooting was traumatic for the couple, who, according to social media posts, welcomed a baby girl into their family this July. Both Crowder and Dungey were not injured during the shooting.