You Won’t Believe How Awesome This Girl is at BeatBoxing [VIDEO]

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Somebody tell Doug E. Fresh there’s a new Human Beatbox in town – and her name is Nicole Paris.

Nicole’s father taught her to beatbox and it’s clear the student is now the master after a head to head battle posted on YouTube shows her killing it so hard that all he can do is nod his head to the beat.

Fans on YouTube immediately took to the comments, filling them with praise for both Nicole and her dad.

‘Rename your video, you deserve stardom,’ one person wrote. ‘You are awesome. Well, both of you are, but Nicole… WOW. And the pride in your dad’s face. He is so very happy to be defeated by such a worthy opponent.’

Another added: ‘Speechless… what an amazing talent? Can tell your dad was proud to let you take centre stage.. totally killed it!! I’ve watched it over and over again…’

Move over Doug E. Fresh… there’s a new Sheriff in town.