‘You Know I Got a Pistol?’ the Man Threatened. Then the Uber Driver Shot Him Instead [VIDEO]

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Jason Boek had a heated text message conversation with his on-again, off-again girlfriend, leading him to attempt to locate her. Boek began pursuing an Uber vehicle he believed was transporting his girlfriend, swerving into the car with his truck. Robert Westlake, the Uber driver, managed to avoid crashing into Boek. Then, after the vehicles stopped, Boek exited his truck.

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The incident occurred on a two-lane road in central Florida, according to a report by CNN, and was captured by Westlake’s dashcam.

When Boek drove his truck toward’s Westlake’s car, Westlake slammed on his brakes, causing the pair to narrowly avoid a collision.

After the two vehicles came to a stop in the middle of the road, Boek exited his truck and approached Westlake.

“You know I got a pistol?” Boek stated while holding an object aloft while approaching the car. “You want me to f***ing shoot you?”

Then, a shot rings out.

Westlake shot Boek after being threatened, killing Boek in an incident that the Polk County Sheriff is calling “a classic ‘stand your ground’ case.” The controversial law grants individuals acting in self-defense immunity.

“This is a justifiable homicide all day long,” said Sheriff Grady Judd. “You have the right to protect yourself.”

“This was the intent of the law.”

Even with the reassurance that he acted appropriately, Westlake was still shaken up by the encounter.

“Everybody tells me what I did was right, but you feel like, ‘Did I have to?’ after the fact,” said Westlake during an interview.

“I wish the whole chain of events didn’t happen.”

According to authorities, the object Boek was holding when he approached Westlake was a cell phone, not a firearm.

Westlake, a licensed armed security guard with a concealed weapon permit, had recently completed training to become a police officer.

“All that went through my head was I’m not getting shot, and that’s when I popped up,” said Westlake.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office stated on Thursday that is has no plans to bring a case against Westlake, though the investigation is still open pending the completion of Boek’s autopsy.

Judd hopes the incident will serve as a warning to others in the area.

“Here’s a message for the hotheads of the community: Don’t do that stuff,” said Judd. “Good people carry guns, and they will shoot you. A lot. Graveyard dead.”