‘You Don’t Belong in this Building’: White Man Pulls a Gun on Black Students to Keep Them Off Elevator [VIDEO]

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Video has emerged of a verbal altercation between a group of men waiting on an elevator. Several are black college students who appear to be visiting a friend who lived in the apartment building. An older man refuses to let the students on the elevator. To emphasize his point, the man pulls a concealed handgun.

The students are from Florida A&M University. They were visiting the Stadium Center student housing in Tallahassee, Saturday.

Isaiah Butterfield (below) filmed the incident. The man who pulled the gun has been identified as Don Crandall.

“Find another elevator,” Crandall says, “you can’t get in this one.”

“Why not? Do you own the building?” one student asked.

The filming began well after the confrontation began, so what preceded the elevator incident is still conjecture. The video captures verbal sparring, but no physical altercation of any kind. Then Crandall pulls the gun.

“Because you don’t belong in this building. You ain’t got a key for the building, you don’t belong in the elevator,” he says.

Butterfield posted the video to Twitter. “We are sick of the discrimination,” Butterfield wrote.

“Never thought I’d have a personal experience with racism like this, this man pulled a gun on us because we were walking up to my friends apartment w/o a key.”

The white student with the group does appear to threaten Crandall, though his threat is thinly veiled as he challenges Crandall to hit him. “Catch a felony, Dad!” the man says to him.

“Once we found out he had the gun,” Butterfield told reporters, “it turned into a whole different situation.”

“We really think he was trying to provoke us to the point where it got violent so he could retaliate with the gun. I knew that if this dude even feels threatened, he’s going to find any excuse to pull the trigger.”

The trouble for Crandall is just beginning. The video is going viral. Regardless of his motives, he will have a lot to answer for. Pulling a gun in a situation like this carries possible civil and criminal penalties.