You Can Now Buy OJ Simpson’s Famous White Bronco – but it Will Cost You [VIDEO]

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For sale: White Ford Bronco.$700,000. While that may seem a bit high (as much as $690,000 too high) to Bronco aficionados, this one is in good condition. It also has a bit of a history. It is the infamous Bronco used by OJ Simpson in his epic slow-speed run from the cops in Los Angeles back in 1994.

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The Bronco, in all of its original glory, has been well cared for. Simpson’s former agent, Mike Gilbert, has put the vehicle up for sale.

This is an iconic piece of American crime memorabilia. OJ wasn’t driving. He was a passenger in the vehicle, and he held a gun to his head while his friend, Al Cowlings (the Bronco’s owner, then) drove slowly down the freeway in front of a phalanx of 20 cruisers.

Simpson was on the run after the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. Simpson would be acquitted of that crime.

During the chase, all major news broadcasters interrupted their programing and brought live coverage of the run from the law.

After the chase, and before the trial, The Daily Mail reports, Cowlings sold the Bronco to Gilbert for around $66,000. Simpson, too, owned a Bronco. His, though, had some blood on. The police were interested in that, but eventually got bored with the Bronco and destroyed in.

Here’s a look back at Gilbert’s history with Bronco.

And CNN ran a piece on the pilots who filmed the chase, both of whom are now transgender women.

Here’s some of the original footage, too. Worth watching, just for nostalgia.

The Bronco is now at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Tennessee, wowing the visitors.

And the interior looks good, too.

Very clean by used Bronco standards.

And, as long as OJ stays in the news, it would be a good investment.

Janine Vaccarello, of the Alcatraz East Crime Museum, told the Mail, “We are fortunate to have this piece of history in our collection – it’s something that many of us watched and remember. This case was important for so many aspects of law enforcement from police procedures to DNA.”

“This is a part of our country’s history that millions are interested in and we have people visiting just to see the infamous Bronco.”

Now that OJ is paroled, perhaps he might be interested in buying it back.