Wounded Warriors Project Partner With Katy Perry After She Says “No Barriers, No Borders” [VIDEO]

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When artist Katy Perry made the controversial comment “No Barriers, No Borders” a day after the Manchester bombing, she was met with an understandable amount of criticism as she lives in a mansion surrounded by 11-foot walls. Surprisingly, she also received support from an unlikely source. It was just announced that Perry will now partner with The Wounded Warriors organization.

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The Wounded Warriors Project announced the partnership on their Facebook page. Perry commented as well that she was “just so interested in you guys,” and was “excited to become an ally and a partner.”

Since the announcement, many in the veteran community have expressed their dislike of the partnership. So much so, that some were inclined to voice their disdain by leaving a comment on the Facebook page.

“I appreciate any support and recognition for our wounded warriors,” one Facebook user wrote. “However, Katy Perry sends mixed messages with her support for anti-military politicians that tout social experimentation of our armed forces as well as weakening them through insane budget cuts.”

Another commenter, who received a plethora of likes on his comment, wrote, “Katy Perry has no respect for what our troops fight for. Her remarks after the Manchester attack prove that. This is just proof WWP doesn’t care about veterans anymore. That’s not including all the mishandled funds.”

Perry has since tried to voice her support to the troops by writing a lengthy post on her social media accounts thanking veterans for everything they do.

“Memorial Day is always a powerful reminder to put aside our small daily concerns and petty grievances, and allow ourselves to be humbled by the magnitude of the sacrifices made for us by our Veterans and their families,” she wrote in part.

The Wounded Warrior Project has faced its fair share of controversy. In 2014 the organization was exposed for using too much of their funding to pay executives’ exorbitant salaries, which resulted in a change in leadership for the organization, according to Popular Military.

It’s unclear if this decision to partner with Perry will face as much backlash as their prior controversies, but veterans and civilians alike are making it clear they are not happy with the partnership.