Women Go Crazy With Inappropriate Facebook Comments After PD Posts Photo of 3 Young Officers

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There have been a lot of stories of compassion, heroism and tragedy surrounding the historic destruction associated with Hurricane Irma, one of the largest storms to impact the United States in history.

There has also been a good bit of humor with various memes, funny videos, and social media posts being made about the storm.

The latest thread of humor comes in the form of tens of thousands of mostly inappropriate comments made by the women of Florida after the Gainesville Police Department posted the following photo on their Facebook page:

It didn’t take long for the inappropriate comments to start rolling in. Here are some of the comments receiving the most reactions and replies:

They kept coming:

Who knew this many women were sitting out there just waiting for the right “hot cop” photo?

Some of the comments alone received tens of thousand of reactions on Facebook:

So far, the post has been shared nearly 30,000 times and received 18,000 comments.

At least a few people pointed out there might be a little hypocrisy going on here since if the officers were female and got similar comments there would likely be a public outcry: