Woman’s Post Calling Out Her Sister for Fake ‘Hiking’ Photos on Instagram Goes Viral

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One Instagrammer learned the hard way that it isn’t a great idea to lie on social media when your sister is around. Casey Sosnowski posted a picture that she claimed was from a hike. The lush trees and well-worn trail gave the image an air of authenticity. Then, Sosnowski’s sister revealed the truth about the Instagram post.

Sosnowski posed for a photo that she claimed was taken at Lake Okahumpka Park and Trail in Florida. She posted the image on Instagram with the caption “Nature is the ultimate healer to all our problems,” and tagged it with the supposed location of her hike.

Sosnowski’s sister, Carly, revealed that Sosnowski was lying on social media. She posted a screenshot of Sosnowski’s image along with a picture Carly took at a distance.

“My sister said she was going hiking,” Carly wrote in her post, “this is our backyard.”

Carly’s tweet ultimately went viral, receiving over 277,000 likes and more than 41,000 retweets.

Many who commented on Carly’s tweet seemed amused by the post.

Others expressed their appreciation for Sosnowski’s marketing strategy.

Quite a few commenters seemed stunned by the image of the massive backyard, indicating that it seemed like a reasonable place for a hike.

Sosnowski, according to a report by Fox News, initially responded to Carly saying that she felt “personally attacked.” She later updated the Instagram post, admitting that the pictures might have been from her backyard.

“Did I go hiking? No,” wrote Sosnowski. “Is this my backyard? … Maybe.”