Woman’s April Fools Prank Results in Possible Federal Charges

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April Fools has come and gone and the world made it through pretty much unscathed. However, one woman in Lubbock, Texas might soon find out that her so called “prank” has gotten her in some pretty hot water.

An unidentified woman walked into a Wells Fargo bank in the Texas town, put her hand in her pocket, walked up to a teller and then said, “Give me all the money.”

A few tense moments passed, then the woman laughed, said “April Fools,” and walked out of the bank. The Wells Fargo branch immediately notified local police.

According to a local media report:

“It’s still a robbery,” said LPD Lieutenant Ray Mendoza.

When specifically asked if it was an attempted robbery Mendoza said, “Whoever did this, joke or not, committed a robbery.”

Police described the suspect as a black female wearing a multi-colored do-rag, a white jacket and pajama pants.

Any attempted robbery of a financial institution is a federal crime, so this woman could find herself facing a very serious set of charges.

Police describe the woman as being black, wearing pajama bottoms, a “do rag”, and a white jacket.