Woman with $60 Ticket Gets Private Jet Experience When No Other Passengers Board the Flight

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A woman had a highly uncommon airplane experience when she boarded the 189-seat aircraft that was set to whisk her away to her vacation destination and discovered that, even though she only paid £46, or about $60, for her ticket, she was the only passenger onboard. Karon Grieve, the lone passenger, described the experience as “totally surreal.”

As reported by CNN, Grieve, a Scottish woman who was on her way to Greece on a Jet2 flight, stated, “The crew arrived – the pilot, first officer, and the air stewards. And they all knew my name.” She continued, “They all came on and said, ‘Hi Karon, how are you?’ They were all laughing and saying I’ve got my own private jet.”

Grieve admitting to struggling to keep her composure as the flight crew went through their safety procedures before takeoff.

“The girl stood up and was doing the whole thing, and she said she had to do it, it’s a legal requirement,” said Grieve. “She had to do the whole thing in front of me, and I was the only one sitting there.”

“I couldn’t stop laughing,” added Grieve. “I just keeled over laughing.”

There was a reason that the flight was so empty; it was the last flight between Glasgow, Scotland, and Crete, a Greek island, for the year.

A spokeswoman for Jet2 stated it’s “not unusual for the final outbound flight of the season to have fewer booking than normal.”

“We’re delighted that Karon got to experience our VIP customer service,” the spokeswoman added.

Grieve even posted a photo of her experience on Twitter, which marked the start of a vacation, showing her with multiple rows of empty seats behind her.

The tweet read, “@jet2tweets Amazing flight Glasgow to Heraklion yesterday I was the only passenger. Captain Laura and crew amazing, felt like a VIP all day!”

Grieve did add that even though her experience “couldn’t have been nicer,” not everyone has responded positively to her story online. Some have stated that allowing the flight to go forward with just one person a “disgusting” way to waste money.

“There’s always someone that’s going to be negative though, isn’t there?” Grieve said.

“There’s been so many stories about bad budget airlines, and this is the first time there’s been a feel-good story. Why do people have to knock it and bring it down? That’s just nasty.”