Woman Who Was Stabbed 32 Times By Abusive Ex Marries The Man Who Saved Her Life

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“It was a full circle moment. I spent the worst and the best day of my life with Cameron.” That’s how Melissa Dohme describes the night she met the man she would eventually marry, Cameron Hill, but this wasn’t just any regular type of hook up — Hill was the first responder that saved Dohme’s life after she was brutally stabbed.


Back in January, 2012, Dohme was stabbed 32 times in the face and neck by her abusive ex-boyfriend, Robert Lee Burton, Jr, and Hill was the first on the scene, saving her life by carrying her battered, blood-soaked body to a helicopter. At that time, Hill said that Dohme’s unconscious body with stab-wounds to the hands, arms, face and head was the most gruesome sight he had ever encountered in his 17-year career.

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Melissa spent three weeks in the hospital after the attack and for a while there it was touch-and-go, with Dohme flatlining four times, receiving 12 units of blood and suffering a stroke that affected her balance and paralyzed the left-side of her face, requiring several reconstructive surgeries. “I didn’t even want to open my heart up to anything,” Dohme said of her state of mind after the attack. “I was afraid, but then I met Cameron.”

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Hill said he knew that tragic night wouldn’t be the only time the two would cross paths and he was correct. Dohme had a speaking engagement in October, 2012, and was surprised to see two paramedics from Clearwater Fire and Rescue Station 47 in the crowd, one of whom was hill. They hugged, exchanged numbers and the pair have been inseparable since. “I was weirdly giddy. I had this feeling about him.”

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Fast-forward to May, 2015, and Dohme was on the mound to throw out the first pitch at a Tampa Bay game against the Yankees. One can only imagine her surprise when Hill ran out and dropped to one knee to present her with a special baseball for the occasion, a ball with ‘Will you Marry Me?’ embossed on it in red. Dohme clearly said “yes” and as expected, the crowd went nuts.

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The couple were married on March 4 in front of 200 friends and family, as well as several doctors, EMTs and firefighters who all played a large part in saving Melissa’s life. “It was beautiful,” Hill said in an interview. “I married the girl of my dreams.” As for Dohme’s ex-boyfriend, Robert Lee Burton, Jr, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole in October, 2013, after pleading guilty to attempted murder.

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h/t Daily Mail