Woman Who Live-Streamed Hate Crime and Torture of Disabled Man Gets No Jail Time

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Brittany Covington, 19,was one of four suspects in a horrific crime. A disabled man was kidnapped by someone he assumed was a friend. He was held for two days. During that time, he was tortured and much of the incident was broadcast on Facebook Live. And now one of those guilty of the torture has been sentenced, as she will receive no jail time.

The incident began in Chicago on December 31st when the victim was picked up at a local McDonalds. The four black suspects drove him around in a rented van before bringing him back to an apartment where the physical torture began.

As part of her plea deal, Covington is avoiding jail time.

Covington joined the group on January 3rd. She is the one who broadcast the final stages of the attack on the man. He’d been beaten, tied up, forced to drink from a toilet, and berated constantly.

During the live-stream, the four suspects can be seen torturing the man, and yelling at him. “F*** Donald Trump. F*** white people,” one yelled.

Blue Lives Matter transcribed some of the quotes from the video.

“This jihad yo.”

“Let’s free him so we can smoke his ass.”

“Why y’all watching but ain’t commentin’ and s*&*?”

“This b**** represent Donald Trump! He deserve dis s***!”

“We fi’in to put dis mu’f**&*s in da trunk and put a … brick on da gas and … [incoherent howling]. Just watch the Chicago news!”

“Ni\***s be drunk as s***, don’t even…”

“His ass deserve this. He from Europe… He a bug!”

“You talk about ‘put ‘im out his misery,’ aaahhhh-haha… naw, we can’t do dat on [Facebook] Live.”

“Goofy-ass white man… Ahhhhh! His b*&**-ass CRYIN’!

“I just wanna WIIIND UP and BEAT dis ni\**.*

“There’s gon’ be a MURRRRDER! The wait is almost over!”

“I’ll torture the f*** outta you, ni\**!”*

One man wrapped a cord around the man’s neck and held his head down with his foot. “Should I shank his ass?” he asks the camera.

The noise from the incident grew so alarmingly loud that neighbors complained, and the disabled man managed to escape when the four attackers went downstairs to assault the neighbor who had complained.

The man was found by the police, wandering the neighborhood. He was disoriented and lost and was taken to a hospital. Then police heard about the Facebook video.

Tanishia Covington, Brittany Covington, Jordan Hill, and Tesfaye Cooper, were quickly arrested.

Yet the first sentence has made many upset. Cook County Circuit Judge William Hooks is the one responsible for Covington’s sentence. She has been sentenced to 200 hours of community service and 4 years of probation. Judge Hooks isn’t send her to jail. At the sentencing, he said “I’m not sure if I [sent you to jail] that you’d be coming out any better.”