Woman Who Falsely Accused Two Police Officers of Rape Learns Her Fate

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Christine Cromer accused two police officers of raping her in 2017. She claimed the attack took place outside her work in the front seat of one of the officer’s patrol cars. When it was evident that she had lied about the incident, she then tried to argue that she had been mistaken and it was another officer who raped her.

The 38-year-old Pensylvania woman even dragged the case all the way out to trial. Cromer claimed one of the officers raped her in front of Mohegan Sun Pocono, a casino where she worked as a cocktail waitress, the Daily Wire reported.

This came one year after she and her boyfriend, who were members of the notorious Outlaws Motorcycle Club at the time, were arrested and charged with drug trafficking. The two incidents were not related, but the woman could have argued for a lesser jail sentence if she could prove she was raped.

During the trial, Cromer alleged she was romantically involved with one of the officers in question when her marriage was on the rocks. Cromer, who changed her story numerous times leading to the trial, argued the officer became enraged when she tried to call it off.

As for the other officer, Cromer told the courts she may have identified the wrong man in the police lineup since she didn’t have “her glasses.” In the closing statement, the prosecution alleged: “Cromer fabricated the rape allegations to retaliate on behalf of her husband, a former member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club who had been kicked out of Mohegan Sun Pocono.”

The jury wasn’t convinced of her argument and deliberated for 30 minutes before they found Cromer guilty of filing false police reports and unsworn falsification, AP News reported.

Cromer was sentenced to 23 months in jail but will probably only serve half of that with good behavior. If you’re thinking that sounds awfully low in terms of jail sentences, you’re not alone.

There have been plenty of now-infamous cases where a woman has falsely accused a man of rape only to have it later determined that the woman in question lied about the incident. These sentences are nowhere near what the accused man would have faced if found guilty.

As a result, Alabama, State Rep. E. Richard “Dickie” Drake introduced a bill that would require a more severe jail sentence mandatory if it was determined in a court of law that the accuser was lying.