Woman Went to Doctor Thinking There Was Water in Her Ear. Turned out to Be a Venomous Spider

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On Wednesday morning, Susie Torres woke up with swishing and popping sounds inside her left ear. She didn’t think much of it at first and assumed that she had water trapped in her ear. After work, she went to see a doctor. During the examination, a medical assistant identified the culprit: a venomous spider that was inside Torres’ ear.

After making the discovery that a venomous brown recluse was inside of Torres’ ear, the medical assistant, according to a report by CNN, rushed out to get more help. A doctor, two nurses, and three medical students were soon by Torres’ side in the exam room. Together, they shared the news of what they found.

A spider had settled into Torres’ ear canal.

Torres worked to stay calm as the medical team began to come up with a solution.

“Seeing the instruments they were going to put in my ear started to make me panic,” said Torres.

Initially, the doctor tried to flush the spider out with water, but it didn’t move, causing Torres to feel an increased level of panic.

The doctor kept trying to remove the brown recluse and, after a few attempts, managed to dislodge the spider.

The brown recluse came out in one piece and was placed in a small dish, its legs clearly splayed out.

They determined that the spider was, in fact, a venomous brown recluse, a nocturnal spider with a potentially devastating bite. The venom is highly necrotic, killing blood cells and, in worst-case scenarios, causing the loss of limbs. However, it is rarely fatal.

“The nurses said it was dead, but they might’ve just said that so I wouldn’t freak out,” said Torres.

The team also informed Torres that she had not been bitten by the arachnid.

Torres believes that the spider may have crawled into her ear canal while she was sleeping. As a precaution, she now plans on sleeping with earplugs.

“I just didn’t think it was possible for them to come inside the ear,” said Torres. “Who would’ve thought?”