Instant Justice

Woman Turns the Tables on Rapist. Leaves Him Looking Like This.

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A woman who fought off a much larger would-be rapist received an award for bravery from local police.

The incident started around midnight, when the woman noticed Jonathan Holmes following her. She sped up to get away but he chased her down, and pushing the woman into bushes.

She punched the much larger Holmes in the stomach twice, using her keys as a weapon, but he pushed her to the ground and said “you are going to enjoy this” before forcing his tongue into her mouth.

Responding how survivors do, the woman bit through his tongue and resumed her counter-assault on him, punching his stomach, throat, and face with her keys.

A pair of passersby came to her aid and Holmes fled, before being captured by police.

“I believed without a doubt this man was going to rape me. My life would have been over – he might as well have killed me right there.

The award for bravery was presented by Police Superintendent Scott Green, who said:

“You displayed an astonishing level of bravery during this investigation, your actions undoubtedly deterred the offender from continuing his assault and your detailed recollection of such a traumatic event, led to the arrest, conviction and imprisonment of a very dangerous criminal.

Holmes plead guilty to the attack.