Woman Told Cops She Was Robbed and Assaulted. Now She’s in Jail.

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Rose Pauls, 31, claimed that she was assaulted and robbed while jogging on the evening of April 2. She told officers that two suspects – one man and one woman – emerged from the darkness and “punched her and demanded everything she had,” including the jewelry she was wearing. She then said that the assailants fled in a car.

Pauls didn’t report the alleged attack – which she claimed happen on Nat Hoosier Lane in Clarksville, Tennessee – on the day it supposedly occurred. According to a report by the Daily Mail, she waited until the next day. She claimed she had gotten treatment for “injuries to her face and arms” first.

The Clarksville Police Department said the local community was in a panic after word of the alleged attack spread and that they were overrun with messages from “deeply disturbed” citizens who were worried about the incident.

Over the course of several days, investigators worked tirelessly to locate the suspects Pauls had described. However, they kept coming up with nothing.

Then, there was a break in the case, but it didn’t go in the direction everyone expected.

After corroborating eyewitness testimony and going through anonymous tips received through the Crimestoppers program, Detective Neagos determined that Pauls wasn’t jogging that night as she claimed. Instead, she was drinking at a bar nearby.

Officers believe that the result of Neagos’ investigation “debunks” Pauls claims. They insist that she “fabricated” the story, though they are not certain what her motive for doing so may have been.

It also isn’t clear whether Pauls may have been assaulted and robbed at another location.

Pauls was charged with filing a false police report. She was taken into custody and booked into the Montgomery County Jail.

Currently, Pauls bond is set at $5,000.