Woman Stabs Ex-Husband in ‘Self-Defense’ Then Takes a Selfie Saying “I am a beast!”

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A woman’s claim of “self-defense” is being questioned after she posted a selfie that showed her standing triumphant over her ex-husband. The man in the photo is holding his belly and looks, by the amount of spilled blood, to have been seriously wounded. Now the woman has been detained as investigators examine the incident.

Olga Vaori, 25, from Surgut in Russia, stabbed her ex-husband, took a selfie, and then captioned the image ‘It looks like I am a beast’ before sending it to friends.

“She was later formally detained on suspicion of ‘exceeding justifiable self-defense’ after plunging a knife into Oleg Smirnov,” Daily Mail writes.

Vaori disagrees with the assessment that her use of force was excessive. She claims her ex had “attempted to strangle” her during a drunken argument.

Daily Mail reports that Vaori did receive “out patient treatment for minor injuries.” What those injuries are remains unclear.

Smirnov’s injuries were more severe. He was admitted to a hospital and went through emergency surgery for the stab wounds in his abdomen.

“Guys, I stabbed my ex-husband with a knife. I was taken to accident and emergency for three hours. And only now have I cleaned up everything.”

After her initial detention, Vaori was sent home. The couple have a two-year-old, and Vaori was allowed to return home under a version of house arrest so she could care for their daughter.

Vaori has no former record.

“The woman and her former husband were drunk,” police told Daily Mail. “The injured man was hospitalized and underwent surgery.”

Smirnov’s surgery was successful. He survived the attack. If prosecutors determine that he did attack Vaori, Smirnov could face jail time.

If, in the process of the investigation, Vaori faces trial for what is being characterized as an excessive use of force, she may face up to a year in prison.

There’s no punishment, though, for the profound and disturbing lack of judgement she showed when posting images of Smirnov bleeding on the floor, or for her choice of captions for the image.