Woman Smacks Shot Girl’s Butt. Gets Instant Karma [VIDEO]

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A video emerged on Twitter showing the moment when a fight breaks out after a woman smacked a shot girl on the butt. The woman, who appears to be a coworker of the shot girl, interrupted a routine that involves pouring whisky down the throat of a patron, and the shot girl didn’t take kindly to the unexpected physical contact.

[Scroll down for video]

Tyler Gamble posted the video of the incident on Twitter with the caption, “Just wanted a shot of fireball.”

A shot girl, dressed in all red and wearing sunglasses, proceeds to pour whisky down the man’s throat while he is seated in a barber chair.

Another woman, also dressed in red, comes up to the shot girl and smacks her on the rear, much to the shot girl’s surprise.

As the woman starts to walk away, the shot girl quickly spins around, striking the other woman in the face.

After being hit, the woman is obviously startled. However, the shot girl doesn’t stop, lunging at the woman again.

While the woman appears to try and diffuse the situation, the shot girl moves in for another strike. A man, who seems to be a bouncer, then steps in and separates the pair, escorting the woman away from the area.

After the woman leaves, the shot girl gets back into her shot-pouring routine, providing the man in the ceremonial barber chair with more whisky and slapping him in the face, which is a well-known part of the bar’s standard routine, according to a report by the Daily Mail. She also rubs her breasts in his face, another typical feature of the event.

The video has been viewed over 9.7 million times and attracted more than 1,800 comments since being posted on August 12.