Woman Shares Hilarious Tales of When Her Dad Shot Her on Accident and His Purchase of a ‘Spite Cow’

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One woman posted a series of stories online, detailing the humorous and outlandish activities of her father. While it isn’t clear whether all of the information is accurate, the tales themselves are hilarious and include various twists and turns, including the time her father shot her in the face and his purchase of a “spite cow.”

Images of the conversation, featuring stories about a woman’s father, made the rounds on social media, including Imgur, capturing the attention of the masses.

The woman begins by sharing that her parents “bought me a house after my dad accidentally shot me.” She adds, “He shot me in the face.”

The woman continued, saying that her father was “trying to shoot his arch nemesis, the woodchuck that keeps eating his garden.” She appears to have a good sense of humor about the situation, sharing a picture of a stuffed animal that she says she is sending him for Christmas.

She then continues, saying that “the woodchuck met its demise with… a pipe bomb.”

With the other conversation participants obviously enthralled, she continues sharing stories about her dad, including him “wearing his new tick-proof gardening outfit” as clothes instead of under other attire.

The woman also provides details about how her father learned about making pipe bombs from a friend, “Weezer,” who only “has one hand” because he “blew his hand off with a pipe bomb.”

She then shares the story of her father’s “spite cow,” a “male dairy cow” he acquired while dealing with a dispute with a neighbor.

“My parents build their house and the lady next door decided she didn’t like that they moved in because she was used to there being an empty field there,” said the woman.

“So the neighbor decided to make their lives difficult by complaining to the city about everythingggggg about my parents house (which is beautiful) including complaining about a deer fence.”

The woman then discusses how her father tried to have a discussion with the neighbor but, when things escalated, her father “decided to research city codes” and discovered there is “no law against keeping a cow in your front yard.”

He then “adopted a cow for absolutely no reason other than to piss off his neighbor.”

She continues to say that the cow, named “Paddy,” otherwise “serves absolutely no purpose,” effectively making it her father’s “f***ing spite cow.”