Woman Sentenced to 13 Years For Cutting Off Lover’s Penis with Garden Shears [VIDEO]

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In 1993, Lorena Bobbitt made headlines around the world after she cut off her husband’s penis with a kitchen knife while he slept. Now, a woman dubbed the “Argentinian Lorena Bobbitt” has made headlines for a similar act, but this time the woman used garden shears on her lover during bondage sex after he shared a sex tape of theirs.

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Brenda Barattini was found guilty of attempted murder in an Argentinian city courtroom this week. The 28-year-old confessed to planning the attack that took place on November 25, 2017, but stated she did not intend to kill her 42-year-old lover Sergio Fernandez.

Barattini defended her actions during the trial by explaining she acted out of anger after the musician shared with his friends their nude photos and sex tapes, the Daily Mail reported.

“He turned me into a sex object. I was just a s**g for him,” she told the juror that consisted of four men and four women. “He infringed my privacy, my life and my career. Everything has been ruined.”

Initially, Baranttini attested she was defending herself from a sexual assault before changing her story and admitting the act was premeditated.

Fernandez, who survived the attack, gave a detailed description of the events leading up to the November incident. “She also wanted to tie me up but I didn’t let her. She began to practice oral sex on me. I suddenly felt something. She wanted to kill me in that second,” he told the jury.

According to the Mirror, 90 percent of Fernandez’s penis and testicles were chopped off from the garden shears.

Fernandez says this attack has left him suffering from insomnia, panic attacks and the ongoing fear that women want to kill him when they have sex.

When the jury handed down the 13-year sentence, Baranttini’s lawyer Lucas de Olmos issued a statement outside the courtroom. “No-one has ever been convicted in this country of attempted murder for a penis wound.”

Olmos plans to appeal the ruling on behalf of his client. The video below is of the infamous Bobbitt case.