Woman Sends ‘Vegas Rules’ for her Friend’s Bachelorette Party. Nobody is Amused

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Bachelorette parties are meant to be fun and, at times, somewhat outlandish, particularly when over a dozen guests are celebrating the bride-to-be’s upcoming nuptials in Las Vegas. However, one guest crossed a line, sending out a list of “Vegas Rules” that she expected everyone to follow. To call most of the “rules” unreasonable would be an understatement.

The story made its way onto Imgur, and the reception to the woman’s demands was anything but warm. The woman – identified as Taylor in the post, though the names had been changed to protect everyone’s privacy – wasn’t even originally invited to the bride’s wedding or bachelorette party, making her rules seem even more unreasonable.

“Emma is getting married in June,” said the attendee who shared details about the rules. “Emma’s bachelorette party is at the beginning of May in Las Vegas. We’ll be there a total of 6 days. There’s 17 people going (all 6 of her bridesmaids, and the rest are other close friends).”

“Taylor wasn’t originally invited to the wedding,” the attendee continued. “We were all pleasant with each other in college, but never really friends. Taylor contacted Emma in January and asked why she hadn’t received her invitation. When Emma explained she wasn’t invited, Taylor lost it and started this smear[sp] campaign against Emma saying how she betrayed the bond of sorority sisters. (This was also weird because Taylor wasn’t even in the same sorority as Emma or any of the other girls). (Side note – we all graduated college, and I’m pretty sure none of us still take sorority stuff this personal, except for Taylor). Whatever. Emma caved and extended an invitation.”

“About a month ago, Taylor threw another fit because she wasn’t invited to the bachelorette party. There was a big debate in our group chat, and we ultimately decided what the hell, what’s the worst that could happen? And gave her the details and invited her,” wrote the attendee

“Well, Taylor has emailed all of us this list of rules for Vegas. Please enjoy this ridiculousness.

“My fav is definitely the second half of #6: asking one of the girls who has ADHD to not bring her “methamphetamines” (aka her prescribed adderall).”

The attendee then shared screenshots of Taylor’s rules.

“Hi All,” Taylor began. “I’m really excited about our upcoming trip to Vegas. I think it’ll be such a good time and we’ll all finally get to bond.”

“I know Vegas is known as ‘sin city,’ but despite this, I still have to uphold the moral code our Father inscribed in my heart,” she continued. “Due to this, I have some ground rules that I’d like everyone to follow. These will not only help me remain aligned with the Church, but also keep up all out of trouble.”

After that, Taylor outlined six different rules, covering everything from telling everyone to attend a church service while they are there to keeping “hard liquor” out of the hotel room to telling everyone to “venmo me $50 each as I will be buying groceries for the hotel room.”

She even told one attendee to leave her Adderall at home, saying, “There’s no need for you to take your methamphetamines” even though she understands the person has “a medical condition.”

Nearly every person who commented on the post agreed that the rules were “insane,” and several recommended uninviting the rule-issuing guest.