Woman Sends Complaint to Cards Against Humanity. Company Responds in Epic Fashion

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The company behind Cards Against Humanity, the “party game for horrible people,” created a “Pride Pack” expansion for their game to recognize Pride 2018. The pack was supposed to come filled with glitter, but the expansion was so popular that the company ran out before Kait Johnson, a Cards Against Humanity fan, received hers.

When Johnson didn’t receive the glitter bomb she was expecting when her Pride Pack arrived, so jumped online and reached out to the company, hopping the customer service team could help her out.

“Hello I just ordered five of your extension packs including the pride pack,” Johnson said in her message. “I have a silly question, I really wanted glitter with my pride pack but it was unavailable; is there any way you could send me just a s*** ton of glitter? I would actually really make me happy.”

Cards Against Humanity responded to her message, issuing an ominous message to “be careful what you wish for” and telling her to “check your mailbox in about a week.”

Johnson soon received a letter in the mail from the company. Inside, was a card with a handwritten apology and some glitter.

However, Johnson decided to up the ante, challenging the company to do better. “Is that all you got,” she wrote in a follow-up message, also noting that she was “actually really happy you guys even responded.”

The company replied, apologizing that they “have underwhelmed you,” adding, “Thanks for the excuse to take this too far. Please continue to keep an eye on your mailbox.”

Johnson then received a small package from Cards Against Humanity.

This time, Cards Against Humanity went all out.

Johnson wrote them another message, stating, “I haven’t seen the floor in days. Every time I think I’ve finally gotten rid of it all, a tiny more appears. Then a tiny bit more and more.”

“I’ve succumbed to eating a small bowl of glitter with milk in hopes that I can just be rid of it all,” she added. “Update it hasn’t worked.”

Cards Against Humanity responded, saying, “We tried to play it cool. You did this to yourself.”

Johnson’s final reply was a simple, “You right.”

h/t Comic Sands