Woman Reveals the Heartbreaking Reason Why Her Father Wore the Same Shirt for 20 Years [VIDEO]

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After her father died, Twitter user Ria went to his house to pack his belongings. In the process of moving some boxes, the 24-year-old woman from Japan discovered a picture of her late father and mother on their honeymoon. In the picture, she noticed her father was wearing the same green polo he’d worn every day for the last 20 years.

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“I wondered why he kept on wearing that old polo shirt,” Ria told Buzzfeed News. It wasn’t until that moment that she put two and two together.

Ria’s mother had died 18 years earlier from cancer. And every day since her death, he’d worn the same shirt from their honeymoon to remember her.

“Why didn’t he just buy a new one? I never imagined that the polo shirt would contain such a special memory for him,” she added. Not even a day after her post on Twitter, Ria’s story was a viral sensation.

Ria told the Daily Mail, “Even if there was a hole he would sew it by hand himself,” she said.  “He wears it for any special occasion, be it a work study event or a trip out with the family.”

Ria told BuzzFeed that at the time she had thought it was “uncool” and had, regrettably, looked down upon her father for wearing the same shirt every day.

Once she learned the true meaning behind the shirt, she realized wearing it was his way of honoring his marriage and the good memories of his wife.

“But now I think that I have to look after memories too. I will never throw away anything important of my parents or grandparents,” Ria said.

Since she made the Twitter post in August, her post has received over 82,000 retweets and 307,000 likes, with hundreds commenting on how touching the story is.

This story is a reminder that you never know what someone else is going through.