Woman Racked Up $20,000 in Debt on Vacation She Couldn’t Afford. Then She Blamed Instagram.

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We live in a day and age where people will do anything to be famous. Since becoming a celebrity is a long shot, many have resorted to being recognized on social media. One woman, in particular, has blamed social media for putting her into massive debt after she took out credit card loans for a holiday to make her friends jealous.

Fiona Melbul amassed a $20,000 debt as she took out credit card loans to visit the United States for a holiday. The 27-yea-old then proceeded to blame Instagram for her spending habits, which she argues began when her friends told her how “jealous” they were of her.

“You take those 10, 20 shots to take the perfect one, post on social media, then you wait for your friends to see it. Then you get all those comments of them being jealous. It makes me feel good that I can do that,” she told A Current Affair.

For six weeks, Melbul lived a lavish lifestyle in America and stated the fear of missing out on a good time was worse than accruing troubling debt.

“My brother said he was going to Disneyland and I said ‘you’re not going without me’, so I got a loan,'” she said, before adding: “I think the trip cost about $8,000 and was all on credit.”

Melbul said that once she factored in all the associated costs of getting there and staying for six weeks, getting that one photo at Disneyland to impress her friends ended up costing her over $10,000.

The photo that she claimed put her in massive debt garnered a measly 18 likes and three comments, which is hardly considered “Instagram famous.”

With such a huge amount of debt, Melbul has been forced to move back in with her parents.

People often see others in luxurious situations, but never realize that these outings are often covered by endorsements or priced down so that the brand/company can get exposure.

Christine Bagley-Jones, a psychologist, told the Daily Mail this isn’t uncommon as people may think. “We’re connected all the time and we’re constantly being reminded of what other people are doing, and that status-envy and downward comparing leads us to strive for this other life that’s not our own.”

What a world we live in.