Woman Offers Reward to Walmart Employee Who Found Her Purse, But He Has a Gift For Her Instead.

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Grocery shopping is a hassle for everyone. You always seem to think you got everything, but there is that little nagging voice in your head that says, “Remember about the milk?”, as your loading the car. We have all been there before. What happens when what you’ve forgotten is your purse or wallet? Yikes.


This was the case for Christy Neubert who had just finished an exhausting day of driving her daughters to their cheer competition and the dreaded grocery shopping. After thinking she had gotten everything she needed for the week, she quickly put her cart into the corral and headed home. But something was missing – her purse.

Upon arriving at home, the realization hit her like a ton of bricks. In an interview with the Independent Journal Review, she states how she felt crushed and devastated at the revelation. She lost both her prized Coach purse (a Mother’s Day gift from her husband and daughters) and all of her bank/credit cards, cash, ID, and more!


According to IJR, Christy Neubert said, “I came out of the store and after seeing how much I spent was concerned and looking at my receipt and just pushed my cart into the cart area.”  The “dollar shocker” gets the best of us.


Christy began to lose hope as by the time she had realized her mistake, it was already dark out and her belief that the purse would still be there was feigning. However, it seemed like fate was in her favor today as someone had turned the purse in! Time was of the essence when she got word of the news and she raced back to the store to make sure all her belongings were intact. Fortunately for Christy, everything was in its rightful spot and she got to meet her hero.


Meet Terrance Dickerson, the man who made Christy Neubert’s day so much better. In an interview with KATV, Dickerson said he had a feeling something was up saying, “Something told me that something was in the buggy.”

Terrance’s response to her gratitude for the favor was what shocked her. She highlighted this in her Facebook post saying, “I tried to reward him with some money and instead he gave a big hug and said ‘no ma’am, that’s my blessing to you’!”

Since then, Terrance has invited Christy to her church, First Steps of Arkansas,  and a friendship is bound to spring from this. The world is full of people and mysteries and sometimes it’s better to experience the little things.

h/t Independent Journal Review