Woman Marries ‘Ghost Pirate’ but Is Now Divorcing the ‘Vampire Spirit’

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Amanda Teague, a 46-year-old woman, made headlines after she claimed that she married a 300-year-old “ghost pirate” named Jack, during a ceremony that was held in international waters in 2016. Now, Teague says that she divorced Jack by exorcising him, claiming that he is an “energy vampire” that tried to kill her.

Teague – who hails from Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, and claims to be a medium – said that she married Jack in international waters since the wedding wouldn’t be considered legal. During a segment on This Morning, which stunned viewers, she stated that Jack tried to hill her.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Teague said that “she nearly died of sepsis in June 2018.” She claimed that Jack was responsible for her illness, leading her to exorcise him late last year and “quit mediumship.”

As she began to experience “health ailments,” Teague asked her medium friends if Jack was “a good spirit.” While they reassured her that “it was fine,” Teague had doubts.

“This went on for almost two years,” she said, “my health was getting worse and worse, to the point that I ended up with sepsis last June, and I almost died, and I had to have emergency surgery.”

“Jack was basically an energy vampire,” Teague stated during the interview. “When we die, it’s normal to stay in the earthbound realm for a period, but when spirits stay around too long, they need an energy source.”

She ultimately had “an exorcism” to rid herself of Jack.

Viewers of the segment took to Twitter to discuss their reaction to the interview.

“Completely ironic that this “ghost pirate” is called Jack…. This woman is clearly dealing with a mental issues, she just said her son died so maybe this is her way of coping with it, get her professional help please,” said one Twitter user.

“My god I can’t stop laughing. She married a dead pirate rrr lol,” wrote another commenter.

Some viewers also questioned the show for interviewing the Teague.

“So #thismorning paid this nutter for 2 interviews now claiming she’s married + divorced a deal pirate ghost,” wrote a Twitter user. “Ffs who’s the daftest? Laughing @thismorning.”

“What will she do next for attention/cash?” the commenter added.

“#ThisMorning wait!! A woman wanting to divorce a ghost!?! Is she mental? A bit loopy? Not right in the head? Few sandwiches short of a picnic? The state of British television people,” another user wrote.

Teague decided that she no longer wanted to interact with spirits after the experience.

“I have completely quit all mediumship now because I’ve learned the other side of it,” said Teague.

“I was stronger than him, and ultimately, I am proud of what I did. I’m much happier.”