Woman Is Triggered After Seeing “KKK” at Baseball Game. The Internet Responds.

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A woman watching a recent Atlanta Braves baseball game was greatly troubled by the appearance of signage meant, she thought, to endorse the Ku Klux Klan. The brazen Klan members hung their sing right out in the outfield for everyone to see, and local media outlets ate it up, broadcasting the image on national television.

To right this perceived wrong, Sania Kay, aka “Sania90,” tweeted her disapproval. Her ire was eloquently expressed by one raised eyebrow, but fearing that might be too subtle, she included a second illustration with one partially closed eye.

H. L. Mencken once wrote “”No one in this world, so far as I know … has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people.” Seems like a fitting assessment once again.

Sania90 must have grown progressively more offended as each strike out was marked with another gratuitous K.

The internet, not known for its kindness, was not kind to her. She could have simply let it go. Perhaps she should have laughed it off. But she did not.

When she was down in the count, Sania swung for the fences. Unfortunately, her abilities with logic, common sense, and rhetoric were all duds. Three strikes.

Sania90 even claims she doesn’t have time for social media. She’s getting a master’s degree in saving the world, she wrote–on social media.

Sania90 would have been really offended at this game. The KKKKKKKKKK showed up in force.

And the fans at this Red Sox game brazenly promoted the KKKKKKKKKKKKK. That’s 10 times worse than the KKK.

And the Klan itself showed up for this game, and had the audacity to sit, in the rain, right behind the batter.

Sania has a lot to learn. She’s trying though. We’ll call this one a teachable moment.