Woman is Beaten Unconscious on Street. Witnesses Took Selfies with Her Instead of Calling for Help

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Footage of a horrifying assault was released showing a man kicking a woman in the leg before punching her in the face, a move that knocked her out cold. The man walks away from the scene, leaving the woman on the ground. Just moments later, other people discover the unconscious woman and, instead of calling 911, they take her picture.

As reported by CBS News, the incident took place more than a month ago in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but the recently released surveillance footage has prompted local police to investigate it as a robbery after one of the people who approached the woman’s motionless body appeared to pick up something nearby. Detectives believe it was the woman’s cellphone.

The video shows, after the woman is knocked unconscious, several young people approaching her and taking photos and video of the scene with their phones. One person even reportedly lays down beside her to take a selfie.

A source who provided the footage said in a text message, “They didn’t help her. They took what looks like her phone while she’s out cold. Nobody called 911 to help her.”

The source also stated that the young people leave and “actually come back,” that is the point where one of them appeared to take a selfie.

A person familiar with the investigation said that the woman was laying on the sidewalk until she regained consciousness.

The victim has a history of arrest, predominately on drug-related charges.

Dr. Neil Capretto, a doctor with Gateway Rehab who agreed to help the woman, said he was shocked by the footage. “She’s lying there like somebody just hit a deer. She’s lying there on the side of the road,” said Capretto. “It’s like a sideshow in a circus. This is a human being.”

“They deserve to be helped,” Capretto added. “I, as a physician, this is my oath to help people who are sick. She’s sick, and she needs help.”

Since receiving treatment, the woman is reportedly doing well.

Local authorities continue to investigate the assault, and detectives say they believe they know who attacked her.