Woman in Critical Condition After Attempting to Fight Off Robbers for $75k in Cash [VIDEO]

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Situational awareness is a crucial part of self-preservation. Banks have countless security measures in place to ensure the protection of their assets, yet those who visit banks, like the couple in this story, often cut corners. Is it any surprise, then, that robbers assaulted the couple who had just left the bank with $75,000 in cash?

The attempted robbery occurred at a Valero gas station in Houston, Texas, just after the couple had left the bank. The robbers had followed them to the gas station, which the couple own, knowing that they had a large sum of cash with them.

“Video released from the Harris County Precinct Constable’s office shows the altercation,” The Daily Mail writes.

She pulls up to the gas station and takes her time getting out of the car. An SUV pulls up and a man jumps out and grabs her bag before she can get inside.

As they fight, her husband comes outside and tries to protect the bag.

The SUV leaves, but another car pulls up and another man jumps out and jumps into the fray.

The fight moves around the other side of the car, and gets more violent.

During the fight, the woman was run over by one of the suspects in a car. She is now in critical condition.

“These criminals out there, they are watching and they are looking for easy targets,” Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman told reporters.

As the woman was fighting with the robbers, her husband was in the store. He rushed out and jumped into the fight for the purse that held the $75,000.

Luckily, the couple was assisted by a bystander.  “A deputy constable saw the scene and rushed to help, apprehending 31-year-old David Mitchell,” DM adds. “And while that happened, another suspect jumped back into the black Chrysler 300 and backed over the woman.

“They’ve done this before. They’re brutal. Folks like this all they understand is brute force against brute force,” Herman explained.

Mitchell has been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

Travonn Johnson, 27, is one of his accomplices, though he remains at large. They are searching for others, too.

During the fight, the woman’s husband was beaten, but not badly. He walked away from the fight with minor bruises.