Woman has Absolute MELTDOWN When Plane is Diverted for Medical Emergency [VIDEO]

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More bad behavior in the so-called friendly skies. This time, a woman lost her composure on a Spirit Airlines flight. After the aircraft was diverted for a medical emergency, the woman had an epic tantrum. She ran up the length of the plane, screaming obscenities at the flight crew. While it stopped short of physical violence, the scene was still dramatic.

The flight, originally from Houston to Minneapolis, had to change course to accommodate a medical emergency.

A word of warning for those who take offense at foul language: the woman has a colorful vocabulary, and used much of it in the closed confines of the passenger cabin.

“Get me the f*** off this God d*** f***ing plane,” she screams as she runs up the center of the plane.

When a flight attendant tried to calm her and get her back in her seat, the woman refused. “You wanna be s****y and b****y to me, you will see me f***ing pissed. You will!”

That’s when passengers stood up, presumably willing to help intercede in any physical confrontation.

One man tried to talk her down, but she was belligerent with him, too. “You know who my brothers are? They’re f***ing Marine snipers! You want to f*** with a f***ing marine?”

It is unclear if her brothers were on the plane, or what disciplined Marines might do to civilians who try to rationalize with their sister.

But the woman quickly abandoned that argument and switched back to her original theme: “Go to f***ing hell!”

The woman did return to her seat, but was far from calm. “You want know to know what hell is? I’ve f***ing been there! In f***ing side. You want to know what happened to my family?”

Her screaming and yelling spanned two octaves.

“I don’t think she’s okay,” one of the passengers remarked.

She was not okay. She sat until the plane landed. Once on the ground, she was met by police who escorted her off the plane. It is unclear at this point if she was arrested or how the tense situation ultimately resolved.