Woman Grabs Armed Robber’s Gun During Pawn Shop Hostage Standoff [VIDEO]

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A pawnshop robbery didn’t go as planned for the masked assailant. After alarms were triggered, the man took a hostage and attempted to escape. The hostage, though, was not going peacefully and managed to pull one of the guns from her captor, giving police the opportunity for a clear shot.

The bodycam footage captured outside of the SuperPawn in Las Vegas, Nevada shows the encounter. It happened on September 3rd.

Mario Trejo, 27, had worn all black and a motorcycle helmet when he robbed the shop. As he was leaving, he took one of the shop’s employees hostage and drug the woman at gun from the shop.

By this point, the police had a helicopter monitoring the situation from above and officers in position outside the shop.

LVMPD Assistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman noted that Trejo was “well-armed, violent and showed no regard for human life.”

“He selected a victim intending to use her as a hostage to effect his escape.”

Outside, though, she fought back. She grabbed the Glock in his hand and pulled it down. Trejo fired the gun once, but the woman yanked it from his hands, stripped out the magazine, and threw both away.

“Her actions may very well have saved her own life,” Zimmerman said.

Trejo was still armed, though, and reached for the Kel-Tec rifle he had slung from his shoulder. That’s when police shot him in the chest.

Three officers fired. One round struck him in the chest and he went down. Though he had been shot, Trejo refused to comply with verbal commands, so a K-9 unit was sent in for the arrest.

Trejo was transported to a hospital and is listed in stable condition. Once he is released, he will face charges of robbery with a deadly weapon, burglary while in possession of a gun, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon on a protected person, and first degree kidnapping with a deadly weapon.

The video below shows the raw footage from multiple sources.

The following is some of the same footage edited in with some explanatory commentary.

Here is the press conference detailing the entire event and the heroism of the hostage.