Woman Goes Full Crazy, Uses “Feline-Speak” & “Native Ancestors” to Get Mountain Lion Out of House

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Animal encounters don’t always end peacefully. This one, though, ended surprisingly well, considering. It began when a woman came home to find a mountain lion asleep behind her couch. To get the big cat out, the woman called on some ancestral spirits, raised her energy level, and even used some gentle drums to get the “psychic” animal out of her house.

Lauren Taylor, from Oregon, chronicled the experience on Facebook:

This is wild. There’s a mountain lion in our living room. Loving her to peace so she’ll go out safely.
Update: (Spoiler alert!)

The last video I shared below shows her leaving peacefully after calming down and napping behind the sofa for over six hours. I’m adding this here, along with the photos and videos of her snuggling and sleeping, because they’ve become buried behind other comments and I feel a responsibility to get this out so as not to sow fear. I’ve been urged to point out that I have extensive experience working with energy and animals and I’m not suggesting anyone seek out interactions with mountain lions.

I also want to make sure people get the important lesson here about frequency and attunement. Cats are extremely psychic and perceptive of energy and this lion could have been dangerous in an energy field of fear or anger. In fact, before I consciously elevated the energy field and entrained her to a theta state, a housemate had shouted and slammed a door upon seeing her and the lion was frightened, agitated, and determined to exit through a closed window. Once the energy shifted, she calmed down.

When she was so quiet and it was obvious from the position of her feet on the wall that she was laying down, I went outside to see through the window what she was doing. She was sleeping! When I made noise, she woke up and looked startled so I consciously raised my frequency, gazed lovingly into her eyes, and communicated using feline-speak eye blinking to calm her. It was amazing to realize that this worked. I gazed lovingly then blinked hard and then she did it back! Then, she went back to sleep.

She clearly felt safe and she showed no inclination to leave. When she woke again,I again connected in a loving gaze and communicated trust through blinking. My housemate came out and the lion became very alert to a new person. I explained about the energy and the blinking and she dropped into her heart, blinked, and the lion blinked back at her, relaxed, and curled up to sleep some more.

It was just a couple hours to dawn and we needed to prompt her to leave without alarming her so much that she panicked. I sent telepathic pictures of the routes out of the house via open doors and the route out the backyard, across the creek, through an open field, and back up into the hills. We got guidance that the way to rouse her and get her to leave her safe spot behind the sofa without panicking was through drumming.

We called in native ancestors’ support and started drumming. She roused and knew just what to do…. walking out through the open doors, through the yard, across the creek, and through the empty field behind us exactly as we had shown her.

It was a perfect ending to a blessed encounter that could have been dangerous if approached from a lower frequency. Thank you for seeing and honoring the spirit of the encounter and this beautiful and powerful animal.
– Lauren

Addendum: To people suggesting putting out food: No!
Please Never put out food for bears or mountain lions. We do not want mountain lions or bears to associate humans with food.

This cat was drinking from our large fountain/pond that’s right at the back door before she came in. The door was open and the room has huge plants & stairs built around real tree branches, so she likely didn’t even realize she was walking indoors until she was inside. She immediately tried to leave through a closed window, became frightened when someone screamed, and hid behind the sofa. While it’s important that animals have water sources during fire season, I would not suggest putting water sources right near a door or in a thoroughfare.

I am hopeful and confident this cougar will not be back. She was urged telepathically to go straight back through the open field into the hills and never come into town again for her own safety. And she did go straight through the open field, away from homes when she left! … May she stay safely in the hills to enjoy a long life as a wild and healthy lion.