Woman Fell Out of Fourth Floor Apartment Window in Drunken Stupor and Somehow Survived.

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A 22-year-old nursing assistant is swearing off alcohol after she got drunk with friends in her apartment, leading her to opening a window and falling 40ft below. The woman stated she was mixing alcohol with her prescribed Prozac, not knowing the dangers of doing so. She is hoping to bring awareness to people drinking and mixing pills.

Megan Heidgerd was drinking with her friends at her Pensacola, Florida¬†apartment when she fell from the fourth floor after trying to open her window. “I was trying to grab the building as I was falling. I hit the concrete with my head and I didn’t black out right away.”

She added: “I thought I was going to die. I said to myself: ‘This is it.”‘ After hitting the concrete below, Heidgerd did not die, nor did she get knocked unconscious. Instead, she yelled out in agonizing pain and tried to pull herself to a place where someone would see her so late at night.

“I was trying to crawl around for someone to find me. I’m not sure who did find me,” she recalled. She awoke in the Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital to discover she had just come out of surgery.

Doctors described her litany of injuries. According to the Daily Mail, the 22-year-old broke her right foot and knee, sliced open her left leg and sustained head injuries, requiring 20 stitches.

First responders stated she lived only because her leg caught the tip of a wooden fence below, causing her to not take the force of the concrete directly.

“There’s a wooden fence around the pool area and they say that my leg caught that. They think that’s what saved me. I was still awake when I landed,” she said.

It may have hurt at the time, but it saved her life. “The other leg caught the fence and it went through to the bone. They had to stitch my leg wound up and the wounds on my head. I had about 40 stitches in total.”

When asked if she was planning on drinking in the future, Heidgerd made it clear her terrible accident changed her life for the better. “I’m done with drinking. It’s not worth it. I’m quitting forever.”