Woman Featured in Viral Dog-Dumping Video Turns Herself in to Local Authorities

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On Friday, a good Samaritan filmed a woman dumping four dogs in a vacant lot. The person who captured the incident contacted local authorities for assistance, ensuring that someone came out to retrieve the abandoned animals. The good Samaritan also shared the video, which quickly went viral, drawing attention to the woman’s actions.

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The incident took place in the San Antonio area. A woman was observed dumping four dogs near an empty lot and then driving away.

A woman filmed the incident and can be heard telling the woman that she could take the dogs to Animal Care Services (ACS) for free instead of abandoning the animals.

While the woman initially requested directions to ACS, she continued to coax the dogs out of the vehicle and then proceeded to get back into the passenger seat, and the driver drove the car away from the scene.

The good Samaritan contacted ACS, and three of the dogs were recovered quickly.

According to a report by KSAT 12, the woman returned to the area and retrieved the fourth dog, bringing the animal to ACS and turning herself in to authorities.

ACS spokeswoman Lisa Norwood stated that the driver of the vehicle is not a suspect in the case, but that the woman in the video could face charges for dumping the four dogs.

Based on state and local laws, abandoning animals is a class A misdemeanor, and separate charges could be levied for each of the dogs.

Two of the four recovered dogs have been adopted while the other two are up for adoption.

ACS has applauded the good Samaritan for their assistance, stating in a Facebook post, “We would not have been able to respond as quickly as we did if the good Samaritan had not contacted 311 first.”