Woman Drops Off 9-Year-Old Son at McDonalds for Hours While She Gambles at Nearby Casino [VIDEO]

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A 34-year-old woman was arrested and charged with child abuse and endangering the health of a minor after a McDonald’s employee reported that she left her son at the fast food restaurant for over two hours so she could gamble. When asked by officers why she did it, she responded: “He drives me crazy.”

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On Wednesday, Stacy Rupp dropped her 9-year-old son off around 8:30 pm at an Arizona McDonalds. Employees noticed the young boy who they claimed looked “dirty and disheveled” and was alone in the restaurant.

After an hour had passed, employees called authorities to the McDonalds to inform them of the boy being left alone. While they waited for officers to arrive, the employees fed the young boy and sat with him, Fox News reported.

To the surprise of officers and the fast food employees, Rupp came back to the scene after she had been gambling at a nearby casino for two hours. Officer Brandon Sheffert told Yahoo that the young boy explained he wasn’t mad that his mother left him because “she always comes back.”

When questioned by police, Rupp originally told officers she was at a nearby grocery store. She provided an egg carton that was warm to the touch as her “proof” that she’d been grocery shopping before finally coming clean about her gambling, Newsweek reported. Officers verified that she was at a nearby casino by looking at the survivance footage there.

When questioned why she would leave her 9-year-old son at a fast food restaurant while she went gambling, Rupp stated: “He drives me crazy and steals my money.”

The boy was left with no money and no means to reach his mother if something had happened. Rupp appeared in court Friday where the judge issued a no-contact order, reported.

Rupp reportedly broke down crying in the courtroom and begged for the judge to reconsider his ruling. “It’s gonna be detrimental, I think, to my son — you know, the separation anxiety …I’m there every night. Every night, we’re together,” Rupp told the judge.”At this time, I am not going to order that you have no contact. That’s not going to be part of your release conditions,” the judge replied.

She is due back in court on July 10th.