Woman Drags Dog Behind Her on Electric Scooter. Smiles When Confronted. [VIDEO]

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Police are investigating an act of animal cruelty. Footage of the incident, which was captured by a nearby home security cameras, shows a woman dragging a small dog down the road behind her while she traveled about 15 mph on an electric scooter. After ending up on social media, the clips went viral.

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The incident occurred in Bakersfield, California, at approximately 3:00 pm, according to a post by the Bakersfield Police Department. Footage of the event was captured by James Dowell’s security camera.

The woman was on a rental scooter during the incident. As the woman dragged the dog, a black and white mixed breed called Zebra, she crossed paths with two cyclists, one of whom was Brandon Sanders.

In a Facebook post, Sanders says he observed the woman as she dragged Zebra for at least 100 yards, though added, “there’s no telling how long she had been dragging it.”

When Sanders confronted the woman, he took a few pictures of her, including one showing the woman smiling while proudly holding the injured dog.

Sanders also said that he followed the woman to her apartment, questioning her about her actions. She responded, according to Sanders, “S*** happens, just like with kids.”

The cyclists reported the woman for animal abuse, and the Bakersfield Police Department initially had trouble contacting the woman.

However, by Monday, January 7, officers “were able to identify and contact all parties involved.”

“The female subject was interviewed and released pending further investigation,” said the BPD. According to a report by Bakersfield Now, the woman has hired an attorney to represent her.

“The dog was located in the care of a separate subject who investigators have confirmed is the legal owner of the dog,” the post from the BPD continued. “Investigators determined that within two hours of the original incident on January 6, the owner had taken the dog to a local veterinarian where it was medically treated and released.”

“In addition, investigators confirmed that a medical plan was established with the veterinarian and the legal owner to address the injuries to the dog. Based on those details, the dog was permitted to remain in the care and custody of the legal owner.”