Woman Dragged by Hair at Gunpoint in Abduction Caught by Doorbell Camera

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A seemingly random abduction was captured on a home security camera in what appears to be a quiet suburban neighborhood. While the images are startling, the audio of the incident is even more chilling. Police have released the video on the hopes that someone may know who these people are and if the woman, as it appears, is in danger.

Canadian York Regional police released the video of the abduction in the town of Richmond Hill in the early morning hours of Thursday.

Shortly before 3:00 am, the woman began ringing a doorbell.

“I think I’m going to die,” she said. Behind her, a man approached from a parked car.

No one answered the door. Instead, the man grabbed the woman by the hair. He dragged her back to the car, cussing at her as he went.

The woman ca be heard telling the man to stop, but he didn’t. The man appears to be holding a gun.

“Stop? You gunna stop? Be like (inaudible) you should slam one in your heard right now.”

As the man drags the woman toward the car, she seems doubled over, like she might have been hit, though that is uncertain as the pair had momentarily disappeared from the camera’s view.

“Get in the (inaudible) car right now,” the man said.

The police say that the woman was forced into the car and that she was driven away from the house.

Police released a second video of the suspect’s vehicle.