Woman Distracted by Phone Suffers Serious Injuries After Falling Into Open Cellar [VIDEO]

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People distracted by cell phones is nothing new. In fact, many would say it has just become the “norm,” but this case may be a little different as it doesn’t take place in a vehicle. Instead, an elderly New Jersey woman is walking down the sidewalk when she plunged through a sidewalk access door.

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The shocking event was captured on a local business’ security camera shortly after noon on Thursday in front of an Acme Windows. The footage shows the 67-year-old woman looking at her cell while walking down the street on the sidewalk.

The woman seemed somewhat aware of her surroundings as she was looking around at stores also. Seconds after she comes into view of the camera, she stumbled over the open sidewalk access door and plummeted six feet.

As the elderly woman fell, two younger women were walking past her at the time and looked naturally concerned when she falls into the access door. A worker for the city was actually down in the access door working.

Surveillance footage shows New Jersey firefighters extricating the woman from six feet below. After being retrieved from the access hatch, the woman was rushed to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

Witness, Martin Delgadillo, saw the event unfold as he was across the street at a local barbershop. “She was looking at her phone — the last minute — she hit the door and fell right in,” Delgadillo told NBC New York.

According to ABC 7, the woman’s identity has not been revealed, but law enforcement stated she is in serious condition. City officials made a statement on the issue and said the hatch was open because city officials were working on a gas line below.

“I thought texting and driving was a bad thing,” Delgadillo said. “Now it’s texting and walking.” It would be interesting to learn how many pedestrian accidents can now be attributed to cell phones.

h/t Daily Mail