Woman Destroys Ferrari Moments After Driving Away from Dealer [VIDEO]

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The Ferrari 458 isn’t a docile beast. Like many high-end sports cars, the Ferrari is known for its outrageous power. That is high up on the car’s list of features. Most people who are new to a Ferrari are cautious about the cars and take things easy, at least until they get accustomed to the way their new cars handle. Not this time. This is one of those moments that make you cringe.

The woman driving had just picked up the car at a dealership in Wenling, China. The conditions were not optimal, and the roads were slippery. Those conditions were too much for the novice driver, and she quickly lost control of the car.

She spins out of control and slams into the side of a BMW. The wreck brought the highway to a stand still.

“Moments before the crash a clip, believed to have been filmed by the woman herself from the drivers seat, allegedly shows her bragging about the rental car,” The Daily Mail writes.

“First time driving a Ferrari,” the woman says. “This truly is the most amazing feeling.”

Perhaps driving a Ferrari was an amazing feeling. Experts, though, would caution against both driving a Ferrari and attempting to capture the moment on video.

“Traffic cameras on the busy city-centre road shows the woman suddenly swerving out of control and slamming head-on into a metal traffic barrier and a BMW X3, which also collides with the unsuspecting driver of a black Nissan saloon car,” DM notes.

The crash itself must have been a surprise, even though none of the vehicles were traveling especially fast. The damage to the Ferrari was extensive, and substantial enough to cause the car’a airbags to deploy.

Neither the driver or her passengers were injured.

Damage to the vehicle, which costs upwards of $600,000 will be exceptionally high, possibly half of the car’s actual value.

The incident, becasue of the gratuitous nature of such an easily avoidable accident, has set the internet pundits to theorizing about how it could have happened. The prevailing hypothesis is that the cars traction control system was not engaged.