Woman Cuts Off SUV in Traffic. Instant Karma [VIDEO]

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More and more drivers have added dashcams to their vehicles, ensuring there is evidence if they are involved in an accident or happen to witness an incident. In this case, the driver of a vehicle with a dashcam attempted to give a woman enough space to merge into traffic. However, she decided to cut off an SUV instead.

[Scroll down for video]

The incident took place on I-15 in California near the 78 East merge.

The driver with the dashcam makes room between their vehicle and the SUV in front of them, giving the driver of a white SUV a clear space to come into the lane safely.

However, the driver of the SUV decides to force her vehicle in front of the gray SUV.

According to the video description, the SUV “honked a couple times but she kept forcing her way in.”

The driver of the white SUV does manage to change lanes, but likely instantly regretted the decision to cut off that SUV.

It turns out, the SUV is a law enforcement vehicle, and the officer quickly turns on the lights and sirens, and pulls the SUV driver over.

A person in the vehicle with the dashcam can be heard laughing as the scene unfolds before him, noting, “That cop is pissed.”

It isn’t clear is the driver of the SUV received a ticket or suffered any other repercussions as the driver with the dashcam continued on after passing the pulled over vehicles.