Woman Captured on Surveillance Camera Stealing From 94 Year Old Veteran’s Wallet

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A strange story is unfolding after a home surveillance camera captured what appears to be an unusual robbery. A woman, her husband and two kids came into a 94-year-old veteran’s house. When no one was looking, the woman pretended to go to the bathroom. Instead she snooped around and emptied the old vet’s wallet.

The surveillance camera caught Heather poking around in Thomas Hendrix’s Douglas, Georgia, home on Monday.

Hendrix is a retired US Navy veteran who lives with a caretaker.  The caretaker wasn’t home at the time of the incident, but Hendrix let the family into the house.

“Home surveillance footage shows the man and two children leading Hendrix into another room as Weldon stayed behind to use the bathroom,” The Daily Mail writes.

“But instead of going to the restroom, the video shows Weldon finding Hendrix’s wallet and stealing money from it.”

She found a wallet on the table and picked out the cash inside. It totaled just $40.

She then stuffed the cash into her dress. A moment later, she went into the bathroom and flushed the toilet.

“Well, first of all, I didn’t know who they were,” Neil DeLoach, Hendrix’s caretaker told reporters. “I was kind of panicking. I knew Mr. Hendrix didn’t know them.”

“It kind of scared me that I’ve got security cameras all over the property that you can see and they still came right in and you know, very brave. And that’s what scares me about the whole situation; people are just brave,” he added.

The police used the video to identify Weldon. As their search began, and the video was made public, Weldon realized she would be easily identified and she came forward claiming she was innocent.

“I did not steal from him it was all a big misunderstanding. I done spoke with the man and everything is took care of!!”

That denial doesn’t explain why she stuffed the money in her dress and then faked a visit to the bathroom with a superfluous flush of an unused toilet.

Even though Weldon “done spoke with the man” she may not have spoken with the police. They are reviewing the case and can, at least, press charges for misdemeanor theft by taking.